If you are just not sure about what you need, or you are feeling a little apprehensive, just give us a call, sometimes just a short chat can help make things a bit clearer.
What a waste of money and wardrobe space, not to mention the reduced selection. No wonder so many women complain that they have nothing to wear, even when their wardrobe appears to be full.

Our experienced wardrobe stylist will come to your home, and bit by bit assess your wardrobe. We will advise you on items to give to another home and those items not to discard.
Then we will show you ways of mixing and matching your existing pieces, putting together outfits you never knew you had. We are honest but gentle about pieces that don’t suit your body shape, and about styles that have seen better days.

Our wardrobe stylist will explain to you why clothes you thought looked good, may not. We will help you to look at yourself differently, teaching and guiding you through the process.

We will also give you advice on what you could add that will combine with your existing wardrobe helping you achieve the style you wish while dramatically increasing the amount of choices, but the emphasis will be on what you can do with what you have, therefore saving you money.


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