We will review and highlight your lifestyle to determine your true style identity. How would you like to be viewed? What impression would you like to give others of yourself both socially and professionally?

We will review your favorite designers and stores. We will also do a color analysis to determine which colors one should be wearing based on their skin complexion, hair color and eye color.


If you are just not sure about what you need, or you are feeling a little apprehensive, just give us a call, sometimes just a short chat can help make things a bit clearer.

What a waste of money and wardrobe space, not to mention the reduced selection. No wonder so many women complain that they have nothing to wear, even when their wardrobe appears to be full.


We are trained certified personal stylists you get more than just a personal shopper experience, you will receive personal style advice, how to dress for your body shape and coloring and more.

We are not aligned or take commission from any stores or labels so no pressure is put on you to purchase anything, we only take you to stores that we know will suit your personality, body shape, lifestyle, age and budget.


No time to find a gift for that special loved one? Just tell us what your are looking for and we will do the shopping for you. Anniversaries- House Warming- Birthdays-Baby Showers-

Thank you Appreciation
-Father’ day- Sweet 16
-Easter-Christmas- Good luck- congratulation-corporation Baskets get well

The benefits you will get from our Service Personal Shopper are