Personal Shopper Service

We are trained certified personal stylists you get more than just a personal shopper experience, you will receive personal style advice, how to dress for your body shape and coloring and more.
We are not aligned or take commission from any stores or labels so no pressure is put on you to purchase anything, we only take you to stores that we know will suit your personality, body shape, lifestyle, age and budget.

The benefits you will get from our Personal Shopper Service are:

Your wardrobe will be a haven of mix and match items that will give you a variety of looks you never had before.

You’ll have more money in your pocket and more clothes in your wardrobe.

Get your seasonal wardrobe sorted in a matter of hour’s means precious time saved.

Feel attractive and confident knowing you look appropriate for your age and in a style that you feel represents your true self.

Frustration and stress will be a thing of the past, look out, you may even turn into a shopping monster you!

Our personal shopper service is also ideal for special event shopping. If you are after just one special outfit, for example, something for a wedding, then we can assist you with putting together a total outfit that is appropriate for you and the occasion. If you already have accessories that you wish to use then we will help you find a stunning outfit to go with what you already have.

our stylists are trained to a high level and are very efficient so generally  3 hours is all that is needed for most wardrobe requirements.

This service can also be combined with our wardrobe makeover service, giving you a complete functional wardrobe that works for you on every occasion

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